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LTMG's perspective

Here's Our Take

I’ve been attending ILTACON since before it was ILTA. I vividly remember the first conference I attended in the Palm Springs area, back in the 1990's. And while ILTA has a penchant for hot and often humid, locations, the organization has delivered consistently over the years.

Of particular interest to me is the change in attitude of ILTA members when it comes to first-time and relatively new technology providers. For many years, it seemed that new companies and their product offerings were viewed with skepticism. And while law firms and corporate legal attendees must always balance long-term relationships with new technology offerings, the vibe has changed significantly.

Congratulations to ILTA for delivering terrific content and a great experience for all…especially if, like me, you wanted to get some extra steps recorded on your Apple Watch, Fitbit, or other tracking device!

Coverage Throughout the Event

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